If you pay monthly

To ensure that you have continuous cover under your insurance policy we will automatically renew your policy each month, unless you advise us to do otherwise. Your monthly premium will be collected by the direct debit payment method you chose when you first purchased the policy.

If you pay annually

We will contact you at least 30 days before the annual renewal date of your policy and we will tell you then if there are any changes to your premium. To ensure continuation of cover, we will then renew your policy unless you advise us otherwise.

If we are unable to automatically process your renewal we will contact you before your renewal date and invite you to renew your policy via an alternative channel.

If you initially took out your policy on or after the 28th of the month, your annual renewal payment would be charged on the 28th of that month for each subsequent renewal. Your renewal premium will be taken by the same method used during your initial purchase. If you do not want to auto renew your policy, simply follow the instruction in your renewal notification. If you do nothing, then this policy will automatically renew for a further period of 12 months.

Don’t want your policy to automatically renew?

If you’d like to cancel your policy at the end of the current billing cycle, or with immediate effect, or would like to stop your auto renewal, please contact us in any one of the following ways:

Customer Support

Email: customerservice@devicecover.co.uk

Phone: 01865 818 926

Hours: Mon- Fri 09:00-17:00

Temple Court Mews
109 Oxford Road